Well Hey!


Well hey there! My name is Kou, I started out my hairdressing journey later than most. After completing my university degree in criminology and psychology I decided hair was most definitely my thing (yes, you read that all right). So, off I went to Saks Academy in Covent Garden to complete my hairdressing qualifications, worked my way up the ladder in a leading high-street chain before our girl Salonis was born some years later. 

Here we are, 5 incredible Salon Awards later and I couldn’t be prouder of our team, and what we have created at Salonis Hair. Our tagline – The Home of Honest Hairdressing, and why? Because too many times I have seen things go wrong because either the correct advice was not given or a stylist just did what they were asked to do, or even wanted the bigger bill at the expense of the result… Ouch!

Once you have a seat in one of our chairs, know that you will be offered honesty, even if it’s not what you wanted to hear, but i’m sure you would rather we tell you, ‘you wont achieve that colour right now’ or ‘it’s going to cost a lot’ or ‘you will need to maintain this every 6 weeks’ or even ‘once we go red it’s a long road back, are you sure?’ Our job is to provide you with the information necessary, for your hair goals, hair health, lifestyle, budget, and maintenance, after that it’s over to you, if you aren’t looking for honesty then we definitely aren’t the salon for you, just know we’ve got your back and will offer you the best advice we can… promise. 

I can’t wait to welcome you through our doors, i’ll see you soon